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Week 52 - July 14, 2014

Hello everybody! Another week and percentage down. For those of you
who are paying attention, you know where we're at this week. For those
of you not... mah. Guess it doesn't really matter huh? ;D

Well! New companion, new transfer, new atmosphere, same old pattern of
seeing miracles EVERY DAY. I have to be way careful when finding new
investigators and they say God isn't real and doesn't produce
miracles. I almost burst out laughing at such a ridiculous thought! We
meet atheist sometimes that say, "The Big Bang started everything!!!"
And I think to myself, "So... an object in motion stays in motion
until moved on by an equal or opposite force... By logic, and object
NOT in motion stays motionless until MOVED UPON by an equal or
opposite force... And you're saying all of matter simply *moved* one


Anyways, this week we went finding after church. Many of our friends
couldn't come this week, so I was a little discouraged. I was also
really tired, seeing as I didn't sleep well at all the night before.
On our way to go visit our friend who was baptized last week, we ran
into a young man named Shinji. Elder Crockett (my new super-companion)
started talking to him. Pretty soon, Shinji told Elder Crockett about
how his dad had passed away a year ago; and that the last person his
dad talked to was him. Elder Crockett took the opportunity to bear
powerful testimony of the Plan of Salvation, and Shinji was blown
away. He wanted to believe. And so he's meeting with us this

Oh yeah. I feel it in my bones. He's going to be baptized.

Anyways, this is just one of the many amazing miracles we saw this
week. Love you all! If you want more details please ask me questions!
It's hard to just remember things off the top of my head haha

. Liebe.

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