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Week 47 - June 09, 2014

Hello everybody!

Another week gone by! Like I said last week, I am on my 11th
companion. Elder Lee is from Saint George, Utah (Actually, of the
Elders in my apartment, 3 are from Orem and 1 is from Saint George).
He looks like a smaller version of Harry Potter. He doesn't even have
the glasses, but he looks like him. Elder Lee is on his last transfer,
so he is full of amazing experiences, desire, and power. I'm way
blessed to be working with him this transfer!

Anyways, miracles, miracles, and miracles galore! This week, we had a
LOT of planning to do. When I say a lot, I mean we were planning to
sit in the church and stay planning for a LOOONG time. Anyways,
without many lessons planned it was looking like it was going to be a
less than effective weekend. Then, all of a sudden, 3 of our
investigators called us up and set up lessons with us. Elder Lee was
able to meet some of our best friends, and we were able to help our
friends get closer to baptism. One of them in particular seemed
legitimately interested in reading the Book of Mormon by himself for
the first time (we introduced him to the Book of Mormon stories). We
have another lesson with him today, so we'll see how it will go! Pray
for Edward please!!!

Anyways, just a quick thought from Elder Lee!

So. Jesus Christ said that the truth sets us free. Why? How does the
truth set us free? Listing just a few of the truths restored through
the Prophet Joseph Smith, they include our relationship with Heavenly
Father; they include the power of agency and choice; they include the
eternal nature of knowledge and families; and they include the fact
that obedience to God's commandments leads to true happiness. With
just these four truths, we have the following implications.

As children of God, we have unlimited potential. Thus, with our
ability to choose, we are able to grow and learn. Because knowledge
and families are eternal in nature, they are our priorities that help
us manage our time well. In order to balance well, God gave us the
recipe of life: commandments. But if we ever make mistakes, we have
the ability to change through Jesus Christ's atonement and progress to
becoming more like our Father in Heaven.

Priorities. Goals. Motivation. Hope. Desire. All of this, coupled with
the knowledge that we can choose, sets us free to become exactly what
we want. Either free and with eternal life, or as slaves and with
eternal damnation (2 Nephi 2:27).

Elder Lee is awesome. (b^ ^)b

Anyways, Love you all! Thanks for everyone who emailed me!
--Elder Chun

P.S. Yes. We are Elders Chun

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