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Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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Week 48 - June 15, 2014

Hello, Everyone! Time is short today, so please bear with me as I quickly try to tell you of my favorite miracle this week.

Desire is a funny thing. If you have no desire, you will not act. In order to have desire, one needs a belief and a hope. There have been many times when I have met people who don't want to change simply because they think they cannot. Anyways, as a missionary I am filled with a desire to improve; to do better. I often feel the guidance of the Spirit confirming to me that a choice I made was correct, but more often than not I am allowed to use my free agency as I see fit. Now.
The problem with this is that I am imperfect and fully well know it. This leads to doubts and hesitations, which attempt to push out faith.

Long story short, it's frustrating being imperfect as you draw closer to Heavenly Father.
Anyways, today I was trying to study how to learn. During my studies, I came across a scripture I love. Matthew 11:28-29. "Learn of me, for I am meek and lowly of heart." This is an interesting phrase. the "of" of this sentence can either mean "about" or "from". When I looked at the German translation, it meant "from". This, in cross reference with James E. Faust's October 2001 talk on the Atonement, gave me a renewed perspective on learning. The Atonement gives us the capacity to learn and overcome our mortal weaknesses. Now this is something I've had drilled into me for a very long time. But for the first time today, I knelt in prayer and offered up the desires of my heart to be a better missionary. My answer came through a peace and assurance to my soul. The answer was not in words; it did not come through super powers; I am still not fluent in Japanese. None of these things happened. And yet, I cannot deny the power and clarity of the Holy Ghost's witness
to me.
That was my biggest miracle this week.
Thank you all for what you do! If you'd like to help me a bit, maybe you could follow me on facebook and share some of the things I post for missionary work (yes we use Facebook now). I'm hoping that the things I share might be able to touch someone somewhere someday. Also,
I can't message via Facebook, so it's no use.

Love you all!!!
--Elder Chun

PS: Editor’s note – you can just search for Elder Sami Chun on Facebook and you’ll find his page easily. He posts photos, quotes (in Japanese and English, if you are lucky) and even videos of him singing – We, as his family like those the best, since it almost makes it seem like he is just sitting in the other room with his ukulele…

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