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Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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Week 46 - June 02, 2014

Hello Everyone!
Wow. Another week gone by and ticking on towards the 2nd coming! Not that I know when it is. But! Remember last time how I was celebratingbecause I got an extra week in Japan?????

This next transfer is 5 weeks.



I'm actually going to be the only one in my area staying this transfer! How rare. And yes, that means another new companion! His name is Elder Lee. He is training to be a professional ninja. This is his last transfer, so yup! I'll be getting another companion in a few weeks! Oh yeah. The can't contain this bundle of... whatchamacallit!

Anyways, the area I am in right now is a MIRACLE land. Last week we had so many appointments cancel that I almost expected them all to fall through. BUT! Lest anyone start saying, "Oh poor Elder Chun!" I will just tell you that if we do all we can in the way we are supposed to, Heavenly Father will make up the difference every time. Like for example, last week Friday we had 3 appointments cancel on us again. Plus, my companion's bike was destroyed (partially my fault...) so we were walking everywhere. I was not frustrated because Heavenly Father had shown me all throughout the week how He would take care of His work. And what do you know! As we are on our way to the church, we meet this guy wearing all blue. Hat, shirt, pants, and shoes. So we compliment him (I like blue). Then he takes a look at the Book of Mormon I am holding (It stormed insanely bad the day before and my Book of Mormon got wet, so I was holding it to try it out). He says, "I have one of those!" And he pulls out his pocket bible.

(0.0)? what.

Turns out Victor is from Nepal. He is Christian. He stopped being able to go to a church because he lives too far away from his chapel. Our church is 10 minutes from his house. He also knows our recent convert, Keshab. He took a Book of Mormon and seemed very excited to meet again.

So yeah. That is one of MANY examples that we had this week of D&C 88:73. And no, I will not write that scripture out for you. You may certainly look it up though!
Quick funny story: We were on our way to visit a less-active and my companion and I were talking to everyone. There was one man, however, to whom I simply said hello as we biked past. I apparently startled
the poor man, who almost crashed his bicycle. I felt bad, but then all of a sudden from behind me I just heard what you hear on 80% of Dragon Ball-Z episodes: Pure screaming. For about 1 minute, this man tried to
hop on his bike and ride after us, doing nothing but a "turning super-saiyan" yell. On the one hand, it was incredibly comical. On the other hand, I realized... "I'm not supposed to defend myself as a missionary..." Soooooo we kept riding.

Gotta say, though, I was surprised that man's hair didn't turn yellow...

Anyways, love you all!
--Elder Chun

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