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Week 35 - March 16, 2014

Hello everybody! Time is WAY too fast. Another week, 1% gone. This
week was quite eventful.

To start off, my companion was a jerk this week and punched me in the
face when I corrected his Japanese. My glasses are now broken and I
want to cry whenever I see him.

That being said, we had some awesome miracles together! I think the
biggest one was when we finished meeting with a potential investigator
we wanted to meet for 3 months, we walked along and saw a foreigner
(which we as an english ward specialize in. I say specialize and I
mean cower in fear haha). We started talking to us, and told us he was
too busy. I started getting a flyer ready for him when I heard him say
his Fiance just died. I wasn't paying much attention, and suddenly it


So I told the man, "We'll walk with you." He was on his way to go to
her funeral for the next day. He said he was horribly depressed, left
work to be alone, and didn't want to deal with the world. I struggled
to find the voice of the Spirit to tell me what to say to the man.
After about 10 seconds of listening, I began to testify of the true
nature of God being our Father; about how He loves us. This man then
said, "God doesn't exist. Even if He did, He either can't stop evil or
doesn't care enough to." I just testified to him. And as I did, I felt
the Holy Ghost moving up my spine and out my mouth. "God is YOUR
father. He loves YOU. He wants to help YOU. I promise you, Sir. I know

The man just rejected my words, saying, "I don't believe that." He
then said, "look. I've got to go. I don't want to be rude, but I have
to catch a train."

I said to him, "That's ok. Take this pamphlet (plan of salvation) and
give it a read. Here is a flyer with our number. When you read this,
it will be something you want. Please call us any time." The man took
it and said, "Maybe I'll read this on the train." As he walked away, I
called out and said, "Sir. We are praying men. May we know your name
so we can pray for you?" He said, "All my family prayed for me. It's
done nothing."

I insisted. I said, "Please sir. Your name?"
"Richard." And then he left.

It all took place in maybe 2 minutes. But it has been one of the most
powerful moments of my mission, about as powerful as when I met Takumi
in Niigata (for those that remember). Please. Please pray for Richard.
I know he'll call us back, but through the prayers of the righteous,
he can be sustained. Please pray that even if HE doesn't believe in
God, through OUR faith he can feel Heavenly Father's love.

Thank you all for you wonderful example. I pray I can have faith like
many of my friends at home some day.

--Elder Chun

P.S. My companion didn't punch me. He's the best. :D It was raining
really hard one day and my umbrella broke, snapped up, hit me in my
face, and bent my glasses. :P Oh well!

Week 34 - March 9, 2014

Hello again, Everyone! We're back. I don't know about each of you, but
time is just getting faster and faster. Especially now that I have
myself a "Local boy" companion.

That's right. Rolling in Japan with a Hawaiian companion. We have TOO much fun.

Anyways, exciting experiences this week? I did something you can NEVER
do while in the U.S. (legally). I ate RAW WHALE.

Yeah that's right. The beef of the sea. Raw.

Anyways, miracles and miracles galore. The biggest one is that we know
this guy named Wildman Dan. He is a less-active member (we think [as
in he recalls being baptized when he was 6 by Gordon B. Hinckly, and
we can't find his records anywhere]), and is SUPER COOL. And Wild.
Like walks around with an indian-style jacket and a cowboy hat with
the sickest beard ever and an earring.


So he is trying to quit smoking and drinking coffee. For the first
time in 30 years, he finally got some hope that he could. We are
trying to help him keep that hope and faith in the Savior, but because
it's an addiction and it's hard for him, he's kind of losing that
hope. We gave him a priesthood blessing, but I would truly appreciate
any and all prayers for this man (You can just pray for Wildman Dan.
His real name is really... reallly long.) He is truly one of the
sweetest, most sincere, and loneliest people I have ever met.

I beg you all, from the bottom of my soul, if you know someone who is
either in the church, investigating the church, or is trying to
separate themselves from the church because of the Word of Wisdom,
please please PLEASE just be their friend. Don't judge them by the
smell of the clothes or the color of their teeth. Don't be
condescending because they step out of sacrament meeting to smoke a
cigarette. When you see them, simply feel the love the Savior had for
them. And if you can't do that, please remember a simple but stunning
quote by an investigator of the church, who saw a less-active member
sitting by himself during church because he smelled like cigarettes.

"If my sins smelled like his sins, I wonder if people would do that to
me as well."

I know this email is a little bit heavier than most of my emails, but
I just felt like saying something so everyone opens their eyes a
little bit more to the wonderful truth that love transcends all

Speaking of love, thanks again to all the people who are sending me
letters! I just want to give a personal thank you to Jessie Jones and
Lorin Chun for this last week! But I DO have to say that although I
love all of you very much, we are not allowed to spend missionary
funds on letters to anyone except family. Any and all letters sent to
others has to come out of my personal funds, which *cough* I don't

I am really sorry. m(_ _)m <-- bowing man

But seriously. You are all fantastic. I wish you could see how much
Heavenly Father loves you. It's really a wonderful thing to wake up
each day and have all day to tell that to everyone.

Being a missionary is THE BEST.

--Elder Chun

Week 33 - March 2, 2014

Hello again, everyone! Here we are at the end of another transfer!
 And as you all guessed, I'm transferring again!
 Just kidding.
 I'm staying in my area, but my companion is going out to my first
 area! Interesting, eh? well, you might not think so, but I certainly
 do. :D
 So! I wanted to tell everyone a quick miracle. Yesterday was fast
 sunday, and fast sundays are tough as a missionary. We work hard all
 day long without eating, and our mental capacity grinds to a complete
 Anyway, as we were doing our best to still be effective, we suddenly
 got a call from a former investigator named Johno (pronounced Joe-no).
 The only reason he was a former investigator was because he broke his
 phone, and had no way to contact the missionaries. As soon as he gets
 a new phone, however, who does he choose to call?
 The missionioaries. :D
 So we're meeting with him tonight. He is going to be baptized. I FEEL
 Anyway, funny story time: So we were talking to some YSA's yesterday,
 who were telling us all about a new movie (I think it's called
 Frozen?) that is a way big hit. It was strange, because the Youtube
 phenomenon Lizzy Walker (or something like that) came to our church
 and sang for us.
 She was good. :D
 Anyway, as the YSA's were going off about how amazing that movie was
 and how viral that Youtube video was, I had a sudden realization.
 "I am not going to even know what that is for another year and a half."
 It was a strange moment of realization. :D
 SO yeah. Life as a missionary keeps going! And it's terrifyingly fast.
 I blink, and the days go by.
 Anyways, you're all great! Have a good week!
 --Elder Chun

Week 32 - February 24, 2014

Hello once again! Here we are, towards the end of another transfer!
Time is just picking up, and I think I am going to crawl into a corner
and cry. Maybe time will slow down that way haha :D

Anyway, I'm sure you have all been waiting anxiously all week for the news....

Week 31 - February 16, 2014

Hello! Another week, another P-day, more miracles!

#1. Thank you for all those praying for our investigators. They really are feeling the support of your prayers. Our investigator, Ali, is getting baptized this Sunday. YEAH. He's sweet. Please continue to pray for him, because this is the week that Satan will try to come down hard. But we have the rock of our Redeemer.

#2. Thank you for all of you who sent snail mail to me this week! I really felt the Valentine's love and am grateful you all care so much about me :D Valentine's is weird in Japan. Only women give out chocolate. Men give out chocolate on March 14th, called "white day". I'm happy to say that the chocolate I got came from my family and a man. Boom. Breakin' traditions everywhere hehehe.

But seriously. Thank you for all your support at home. You are all fantastic people and I pray you have a good spring time. Always know that the best day to express your love is not Valentine's day. The best day to express love is TOday. "Often we assume that [our friends and family] must know how much we love them. But we should never assume; we should let them know." -President Monson (“Love at Home”, Ensign August 2011)

So thank you all for your care and love! I have really felt it, and I wanted to tell you all how much I love you for being my family, friends, and comrades. 

Sweet. Signing off for another week!

--Elder Chun

Week 30 - February 9, 2014

Hello! Here we are again, and this time from my iPad! Oh yeah. The
Lord is really hastening His work!

For example, the miracles we see here are amazing. We were going out
to eat one day and I saw two foreigners walk in. Normally, not that
exciting. But as an english speaking ward missionary, I was way pumped
up. Especially when they started speaking to each other in German.

o.O Yeah. I knew something was up.

So I head over there after we finish eating and strike up a
conversation in German. Well, I say German, but I would really rather
call it something different. In the Book of Mormon it talks about how
the people of king Limhi found the remains of the people of Jared?
Yeah. That's what my German is like now.

I start talking. Then we talk about the gospel a bit. It turns out he
is christian, and that he is interested! So guess who reaches into his
bag and pulls out a copy of the German Book of Mormon? Me.

Boom. Miracles. Any of you doubt that the Lord is doing His work?
Read D&C 6:36 (“Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.”) Yeah. LOVE IT.

Anyway, love you all! Thank you for those of you who sent me special
letters! I appreciate all of you. Till next week!

--Elder Chun

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