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Week 67, October 28, 2014

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I wrote. Sorry! Things have
been quite hectic.


So Keisuke. Keisuke totally wants baptism, but lives in a different
area. The problem is that he goes to school each day through our area
and has a free train ride to our church. So we needed the Stake
President's permission to make it work. Literally 10 seconds after we
have a meeting with the Stake President about, there is a call in the
Stake President's office. Now this is rare. Very few people have this
number. Turns out, it's Keisuke's mom. True, his mom is totally
against him being baptized. But crazy ridiculous miracles like that
just are God saying, "Hey Elders. I got your backs. Don't stress!"

Dane. Dane is a referral from a different area. He's super incredibly
shy and self-conscious (he's still in high school). He wants baptism
before the end of the transfer. We met him on Sunday and he says,
"Hey. I want baptism by Saturday." And we're like "Well... Let us
check ourYESSSSS."

Interesting experiences: I got hit by the most deadening wave of
sadness this week. I've always been aware in my mind that this is not
my work, but I have never been grateful for that fact up until now.
One of our investigators has been tricked by the craftiness of Satan
where he is against a God of justice completely, due to crazy
extremists that commit crimes in the "name of God". After a very
intense meeting with Mahea (that's his name), I was overcome with the
greatest wave of sadness for the world. Satan is really good at what
he does. And the front lines of missionary work are a bunch of 18-27
year-olds that aren't relying on the "source of our hope" as much as
we need, ought, and should. It was an interesting night, being filled
with sadness and deep gratitude at the omniscience of God at the same
time. I can't explain how badly I want to share the gospel now. I
understand that a mission is a time of preparation for a more
excellent work in the home and in our communities for when we return,
but I have never desired to do the will of God more in my life.

To be honest, I don't really enjoy sending my real feelings and
experiences to people over email. There have been a lot of times I
have tried to share them in person, and even then I have been laughed
at. I can't even explain how sad I was this last week. But I really
hope that someone can sense a bit of the sadness I felt and pray a
little bit more powerfully for a chance to share the light of Christ;
the light of the World; the light of our lives with those who are
sitting in darkness, doubting that there ever was a light to begin

And if not, oh well. I'm going to keep sharing until the end of time.

Love you all! Have an excellent week!



Week 66, October 19, 2014

Is there ANY way I can get maybe 4 or 5 names that I can do in the
temple here in Japan for our family? I really want to help our family
receive the gospel. Maybe can you mail me the name cards and I'll take
them once a transfer?

If not, that's ok. I love you!



Sami also sent several picture this week!

Week 65, October 12, 2014

Hello everyone! I guess I haven't sent an email to everyone for the
last few weeks. Whoops! I guess it's kind of hard when I'm trying to
respond to the bajillions of emails I get and I'm just hitting "reply"
and sending something. I don't have anything to reply to for the
blanket email, so I apologize!

For those of you who don't read this, you don't care! I can laugh at
you as much as possible bahahaha! Because the instant you read this
email, you are no longer one of the people I'm laughing at!!!

yeah. I'm in a weird mood. I'm wearing a sweater vest!

So this week, we had Conference. I learned a lot of things about how I
can repent. But one of the talks that hit me closest to home was Elder
Callister's talk. It said so many things and answered so many
questions of my soul. People who go and listen to that talk probably
won't get why it meant so much to me, but the Holy Ghost is so great
to me. And us all!

yeah, I don't really have much to write about. Well, I have tons of
stuff to write about, but I don't know what to write. There's still no
questions about what to write about, so I'm getting a little more
rambunctious until someone sends me a "No-Go" email haha. I can't tell
if anyone likes or reads these emails, so... Perhaps I'll cause a riot
in America with my inspiring writings!!!

Oh well. If you're reading this, I love you all! If you aren't reading
this.... You'll never know!


Matsudo - The ward name
100% - Faithful, obedient, diligent, good attitude
100% of the areas with a baptism by Christmas 
100 people baptized by Christmas

Next line: My name and my Companion's name

next 3 lines: 
    The Church of 
      Jesus Christ
Of Latter-Day Saints

                                   MATSUDO IS...

Week 64, October 6, 2014

I had some things I thought about Christmas.

1: Did you ask Opa for glasses for me? I don't want to seem needy...
But I need them haha

2: I think I need (a) new suit/s. Has Grandma gone to Japan yet? If
not, maybe forget the sweats and just go with suits? I don't know how
expensive suits usually are... I was looking today and saw suits from
$100 up to $800. I'm not an idiot, so I wouldn't get an $800 suit on
my mission, but I don't know what's a good price range.

3: If you haven't sent the package yet, don't worry about putting
candy in! It's time to trim down for all the ladies waiting at home
hehehe (not really. I just have been feeling a little nauseous after
eating a lot of candy. Binge eating, you know haha)

I'm sorry again about always requesting pricey things!



Week 63, September 29, 2014

I thought of something Opa could send me! Do you think he could send
me a cool new pair of glasses since all of mine are broken?

Also, can you google search "Philosophy + Metaphysic ethic" and see
what comes up? I'm trying to remember something from college. I think
it might be metaphysic (what is real), ethic (what is right) and
epistemology (I don't remember).

Sorry for just requests. I truly do love you.


Week 62 - September 22, 2014

So. Time is short. This is the biggest miracle from last week.

We met this amazing guy named Olumide (We call him Mide, pronounced
Mindy). He's a refugee from Nigeria who was hunted by terrorists
because he witnessed an attack on the local police station and
reported where the terrorists ran. Because of spies inside of the
military forces, he became blacklisted. The terrorist group attacked
his home, killing his sister and making him run from country to
country. Eventually, he got to a Catholic Church that raised enough
money for him to fly to Japan and be safe. Once here, he was told to
go to Roppongi (which is rumored for it's awful environment), but he
knew within his heart that was wrong, so he slept in a park instead. A
kind man took him in for 3 weeks, but told him there were no churches
in Japan. So Mide walked around until he found a church. You have 3
guesses which church it was. And you fail if you don't get it right on
the 1st try.

He's on page 3 of the Book of Mormon, has been to church twice, his
every question is "What else need I to prepare for baptism" and he's
the most punctual African man I've ever met.

Love you all!

Week 61 - September 14, 2014

Hello! Another week, come and gone. This week was Zone Conference.
President Budge taught us communication skills, so that we could get
along better with our companions. Yeah, you got that right. I cry all
the time because of my companion. He's just too awesome! I don't write
about him much, because he is like Superman, whereas I'm more like
"Donkey" from Shrek haha

Not really. We have a great time together. See some pictures!