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Thanks so much!

Week 50 - June 30, 2014

Hello again, everyone!

I'm really... really tired. \(*^O^*)/

Anyways, miracles!!! My friend, Takuma Uehara, is getting baptized
next week! He's been waiting for a long time until he is 20 in order
to be baptized, and the day has finally come! In Japanese, his name is
上原拓真, so if you want to Facebook him and congratulate him,
please do so! I'm sure he would love it.

Did I tell you I am tired?

But, cool thoughts this week! Honestly... I'm just tired. (_ _) That
is me with my face down on the desk.

So. My companion and I went swimming a few times this week. In other
words, it rained so hard I could barely breathe. Japan is great. :D
For some reason, the people in Japan hate rain. Whenever I say the
weather is great, people say, "IT IS AWFUL. It looks like it's about
to rain." To which I reply, "I love the rain! Especially the feeling
afterwards. It's just so clean and pure! Even the air seems fresh
again." To which they laugh like I'm some absolute maniac that just
got out of the asylum.

Then I ask them, "How would you feel if your spirit could be as clean
as earth right after rain?" Yeah. I go there hehehe. Feel free to
facepalm. Or email me and complain against my awful jokes. I don't
even remember how to make funnys in English anymore. SAVE ME. In a
missionary-appropriate manner, of course. (b^0^)0

Anyways. Big news update! I am REALLY tired. Not much else to say... I
don't remember much of what happened this week, and journal mostly
consists of feelings versus happenings. My small plates of Nephi!

Anyways, love you all.

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