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Week 44 - May 19, 2014

Hello Everyone!
Another week down. Unlike the last few weeks, due to some interesting
circumstances the transfer ISN'T over yet! I have another week! Yay!

Haha take that, time! I get another week in Japan. You may be slippery
quick, but I have another 7 days!!!

Anyways. Yes. I am very happy today, because we went to the temple. I
really hope each of you in Utah take the amazing opportunity you have
in having so many temples close to you. I had several questions going
in to the temple and came out with more answers that I knew what to do
with. Oh wait! I do know what to do with them!!

"Go and do."

So yeah. Temples are awesome.

Also, I had an interesting thought the other day. I don't think I have
ever had a super experience of gaining a testimony of the prophet
Joseph Smith or the truthfulness of the church. Instead, I have my
personal experience of searching the Book of Mormon for answers and
finding them; pondering deeply; then praying and asking God if what
the Book of Mormon said was true. I distinctly remember the soft, yet
powerful and undeniable, influence of the Holy Ghost speaking to my
heart telling me of the divinity and authenticity of the Book of
Mormon. I had this experience when I was about 14 years old.

I pray that none of you think I am bragging when I say that. Rather, I
say it so others can know, "If Elder Chun in his absolutely ridiculous
14-year-old state of being (I know I'm only slightly less ridiculous
now) can get an answer, I can too!" and that's the thing. Anyone and
everyone can get a witness from the Holy Ghost that the Book of Mormon
is true. And as I teach people every day, if the Book of Mormon is
true, Joseph Smith was a prophet; the church is true; Jesus is the
Savior of the World, and we can hope for peace in this life and
eternal life in the world to come. As I said before, I have not had
the same incredibly subtle, but undeniable, witness of the mission of
Joseph Smith; nor the authenticity of the Church. But I have no doubts
about those things. If I focus so much on the testimony I have not yet
received, I will forget the testimony which is in me.

That testimony is that Jesus Christ is our Savior; God is our Heavenly
Father who loves us; the Holy Ghost is our friend who leads us to do
good; and the Book of Mormon is THE MOST true book on the face of this

So yeah. I believe with all my soul that the Church is true; that
Joseph Smith was a prophet; that the priesthood of God was restored,
etc. because I know by the power of the Holy Ghost and through the
teachings in the Book of Mormon that Jesus is my Redeemer.

Not sure why I wanted to tell you all this today, but I did. So bear
with me! Or just don't read my words. Your choice. (b^-^)b

You're all fantastic. A quick shout out to Jordan Nelson from Elder
Free (we came to Japan at the same time, and so I just thought you'd
like to know we party together) as well as to Breanna and Trenton
Daniels (I think you're already married??? Sorry. I'm a bad friend

Peace out for another week. v(T~T)v
--Elder Chun

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