Elder Samuel Mischa Chun
Japan Tokyo Mission
4-25-12 Nishi-ochiai,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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Week 41 - April 28, 2014

Hello everyone!

As most of you all know, I am very childish. I make silly and
ridiculous jokes, while also being selfish, impatient, and prone to
complaining. But this week, I had an opportunity to feel truly
child-like. This week, I was praying for a miracle. I was praying for
God to grant me a measure of the Spirit that I have never experienced
before. I wanted His love to shine through me so powerfully that it
"giveth light unto all that are in the house". As I have been
pondering and contemplating how to show love to my friends
(investigators), I realized that the best way is to exemplify Jesus
Christ. And so I asked Heavenly Father to let me feel His love in a
powerful way.

There was a moment this week where I was praying deep within my heart
for the love of the Savior in order to show it to one of my friends,
specifically my friend named Edward (who has a problem with some of
the commandments). As I did so, I felt a light in my heart. This light
grew brighter and brighter until it practically consumed me. In that
moment, I know that I was filled with Our Savior's Love. And in that
moment, I know that if I had the confidence and courage, I could have
spoken the words or done the action that would have touched Edward's
heart and helped him change. I know it, because it was similar to the
feeling I had when I met Takumi. That all consuming love is what I
have been looking for my entire missioin. And Heavenly Father let me
feel it again.

However, much like a child who is presented with a new food that his
wonderful parents make for him, I wondered, "Is this food going to be
good?" Or in other words, "Can I really do this?" (example thanks to
Niki Chun!) I'm sure had I confidently moved forward, I could have
said like Niki, "Mmmm! I remember this is delicious!" But instead, I
doubted and the feeling diminished. But I shall not give up. Having
felt that once, I will keep working until I feel that love again. I
say this not because I'm boasting that I felt the Savior's love. Far
from that. I simply wanted you all to know that if I, in my imperfect,
selfish, and impatient self can feel the love of God so purely, you
all can too. We simply need to ask; seek; and knock. Have we done so?
Are we living our lives in such a way that if we were to be granted
the opportunity to have our deepest desires, we would be confident in
going forward and claiming them from God? I hope so. I pray so. I know
there is nothing I have ever experienced that compared to the love I
feel when working for the Savior.


I love you all! You're great. And also, personal shout out to Jesse
Jones. I got your letter about 3 months ago and tried writing you
back, but I just got the letter I tried to send (3 months ago) saying
that it didn't have a sufficient address. I promise I tried!!! I'd
love to send you an email but I don't have that either.

Peace out.

--Elder Chun

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