Elder Samuel Mischa Chun
Japan Tokyo Mission
4-25-12 Nishi-ochiai,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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Week 37 - March 30, 2014

Hello, everyone! We are here once again. For those of you reading
these emails every week, you know it's going by way too fast! For
those of you not reading, well I guess this shout out doesn't really
matter, eh? I could say anything I want about the people who don't
read my emails and it wouldn't matter! Bahaha.

Because even if I said something mean about not-readers, the instant
you read the comment it wouldn't apply to you anymore!

Anyways. I am in a strange mood right now.

So this week was thoroughly enlightening. I learned a lot about my
weaknesses and about the Savior this week, but we had many miracles.
One of them was when we met a man named Clement. Clement is from
Africa and really wants to come to church and learn about Christ, but
because he doesn't speak Japanese, it's very difficult for him to get
a job. We went out to a place called Harajuku, which is a pretty
sketchy place. Especially because our instructions for meeting Clement
were "Talk to the 1st black guy you see, and they will send you to

Slightly shady.

Anyway, we met him and I just felt the Spirit so strong. Honestly, I
feel like I felt the Spirit as strong as when I met Takumi in Niigata.
If you don't remember, you can probably re-read. I think. I dunno how
you get these emails. I just assume that people get them haha :D

Long story short, I want this man to come to church and be able to
partake of the blessings he can have because of his faith. In order to
do that, my companion and I are going "King Lamoni" hunting. We are
going to find one of the big African bosses that owns a shop in
Harajuku and convert them, leading to a ton of Africans joining the

Please pray we don't get killed in our attempts.

Also, please pray for a man named Martin. He has a ward-member friend,
has come to church twice, and is feeling pretty ready to meet with the
missionaries. That is the ideal situation for missionary work. If
every member could just introduce 1 friend to the missionaries in a
year, and only 10% of those people got baptized...

We would have 1.5 million more of our brothers and sisters come to the truth.

Love you all! Please try and find those waiting for the truth! It's
not just up to full-time missionaries. You can do it too!!!

--Elder Chun

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