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Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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Week 36 - March 23, 2014

Hello, everyone!

Too fast. Time is WAY too fast. This week was very quick. But it was good.

Lessons learned this week:
1) I got way sick on Saturday. I mean WAY sick. Trying to read and
moving forward made me way dizzy; I could barely concentrate; I didn't
want to eat. But, I really didn't want to rest. I mean, there are only
so many days I can be a missionary, so I didn't want to spend 1 of
them sick in bed. Instead, I got a priesthood blessing and then had
enough strength to fight through and make it to dinner. Granted, I
completely passed out on the floor mid dinner, but I woke up 30
minutes later, ready to go. Heavenly Father gave me the power of the
Atonement to help me push through my sickness. Lesson learned? The
priesthood is a wonderful gift we should use as soon and as often as
possible. Sometimes, I find myself saying, "Oh, this isn't bad enough
for a priesthood blessing."


The smallest of our problems was bad enough for God to send Jesus
Christ to create our path home. Jesus Christ has descended below ALL
things. It doesn't say in the scriptures, "Jesus Christ took upon
himself all the pains, afflictions, and temptations except (Insert
your name here)'s 24 hour cold". It says ALL. Thus, why wouldn't we
rely upon His mercy in all things? Simple. Pride.

2) During church, we had a wonderful talk about agency and
inspiration. Sometimes we ask ourselves why Heavenly Father doesn't
just tell us everything we need to do. The answer is simple. We have
our agency, and we are in this life to learn how to make good choices.
If all we ever did was blindly follow the words of our Heavenly
Father, how could we ever develop the sense of justice and confidence
to become like him? In fact, there was a study done with 2 groups of
children and new toys. They separated the children into 2 rooms and
gave them a novelty toy. To one group, they gave some basic
demonstrations on some of the functions of the toy. To another, no
demonstration. The 1st group of children learned how to perform what
was performed very quickly, but that was it. Their imaginations were
limited by their knowledge. The other group, however, not only learned
how to use the toys in a basic fashion, but over time learned much
more and became much more skilled with this novelty toy than the 1st

God is not here to tell us what to do. He is here to bring to pass the
immortality and eternal life of man.

You all probably already know this. I'm probably just repeating things
you learned a long time ago. But, it was revelation to me, especially
since I have been wondering lately why Heavenly Father doesn't just
give me dreams about where to go and what to do as a missionary. The
answer: He wants ME to grow as well.

Lesson 3: There are miracles.
Due to being sick last week, I was feeling quite frustrated with
myself. I don't like being weak. It's a pride issue that I'm currently
working on figuring out. Unlike Ammon and Paul in the scriptures, I do
not "glory in my weakness", neither do I "rejoice with all of my soul"
because I can see the hand of God in my life. Instead, I get depressed
when I see I am weak. However, this week I discovered Jacob 4:7, a
different twist on the scripture Ether 12:27. In essence, for those
who don't want to look it up, it says that we have weaknesses so we
can see our Father. How merciful
! We might have the veil covering our eyes in this world, but we have
the opportunity to meet our Heavenly Father at the edge of our limits;
we have the change to embrace our Savior the step beyond our max. It's
exhausting to get there. But it is always worth it.

Thank you all for your support and love! I appreciate all your prayers
and certainly feel them in my life. I will report to you as soon as I
hear back from Richard, and would ask that you continue to pray for
him as well as a young man named Mageli, that they will both meet with
us and feel the truth of the message of the Restored Gospel.

Because it is true. And I know it.

--Elder Chun

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