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Week 42 - May 5, 2014

Hello everyone!

First and foremost: How is next week Mother's Day already? I swear I
was doing Christmas phone calls yesterday...

Anyway! Another week, another life filled with miracles in Japan! To
make some really long stories really short, we have 3 friends that are
getting close to baptism, each with their individual challenges. Luis
is a really smart 22 year old that questions the wrong things. If you
could pray that he would simply take a step back and find faith in the
basics, I would be very happy!
(≧∇≦)Next, Erin. She's our friend that
is really close to baptism, but she's going to the doctor's on
Wednesday to see if she has Leukemia. If you could all please pray for
her that whatever happens, she'll be ok I would greatly appreciate it.
And then our friend Edward. He has a problem with gender orientation,
and so the Law of Chastity is a little tricky with him. However, he
hasn't called us bigots yet and he agreed to search the Book of Mormon
to see if it's true, and if God loves him. Please pray so he can get
that answer, because it is definitely the truth.

Note for learning this week: Does anyone have a favorite apostle? I
have a few apostles that really touch my heart when they speak. I'm
not going to lie, there are some apostles that really DIDN'T touch my
heart whenever they spoke. Horrible, I know. But I have found the
trick! In trying to strengthen my testimony of the restoration and my
gratitude for our church leaders, I have been going through all of the
talks of one of the apostles. Simply doing that, with little pondering
or deep meditation, my love for that apostle has deepened more than I
could imagine. My gratitude for his words of counsel and how the
Spirit has guided me through his words has reached a place I never
thought it could. When I sit and reflect on my life from before, I
feel ridiculous at how little I loved this man before doing this. I
plan on following this sort of pattern of study for some time and
learn to love each of the men God called as my apostles. What a
miracle! My apostles.

So miracle of the week: A guy randomly calls us up to meet. He listens
to the first half of the restoration and says, "That makes perfect
sense!" He listens to the 2nd half and says, "I'd love to be baptized
when I feel this is true! Just don't push me." Problem is, we're a
little worried that he's homeless and only wants charity. BUT! His
name is Hasegawa, and if you all pray for him to be able to have pure
and real intent, I would be grateful. (b^-^)b

You are all fantastic. Make sure you show AND tell AND prove to your
mothers you love them this week!

--Elder Chun

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