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Japan Tokyo Mission
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Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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Week 39 - April 13, 2014

Hello everyone! Another week has gone by. This week, I was able to
watch conference. Needless to say, it was incredible. I just wanted to
give my overall impression of the revelations I received. Pretty much,
everything I learned this conference can be summarized in 2 words.

Remember now.

I didn't per se receive copious amounts of revelation about new
doctrine. Instead, I received a confirmation of things I knew and
love. Also, I simply felt a pressing urgency. Now. Now is the time to
stand. Now is the time to act. Don't wait.

It is interesting, because I have been reflecting on the power of
agency recently. We have such an incredible ability to choose. We are
"agents unto [ourselves]." And yet so often in my own life and in the
lives of other people, I have seen this mentality.

"If only God would tell me what to do. Then, it'd all work out."

Ummm no. If all we had to do in this life was listen to the Holy Ghost
directing all of our actions, would there have been a need to leave
the presence of our Heavenly Father? No. We are here to learn to make
right decisions, either through making them and feeling the blessings
or making mistakes and repenting. So now is the time to choose: Will I
abandon every unclean thing, come unto Christ, and be perfected? Every
is all inclusive. So am I ready?

I am. My question is, are you?

Please do not misunderstand this as pride. I'm not saying I'm better
than any of you. I'm simply saying I'm tired of sitting around,
wallowing in self-pity. I'd rather be perfected; be confident; be
happy. And I want to be happy now. I'm not waiting for some "golden
ticket", as President Uchtdorf describes in his 2011 Relief Society

Now. Now is the time to prepare to meet God.

So yeah. That's my overall thoughts. I encourage each of you to apply
what you learned in Conference. If you don't, you wasted your time no
matter how much of the Spirit you felt. If you think that's an
exaggeration, think about Satan's plan proposed in the pre-mortal
existence. We would not have had agency; the ability to choose, learn,
and grow. And that was not the right way.

I am in an interesting mood and you all get to see it.

--Elder Chun

P.S. I love you all. m(_ _)m

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