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Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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Week 35 - March 16, 2014

Hello everybody! Time is WAY too fast. Another week, 1% gone. This
week was quite eventful.

To start off, my companion was a jerk this week and punched me in the
face when I corrected his Japanese. My glasses are now broken and I
want to cry whenever I see him.

That being said, we had some awesome miracles together! I think the
biggest one was when we finished meeting with a potential investigator
we wanted to meet for 3 months, we walked along and saw a foreigner
(which we as an english ward specialize in. I say specialize and I
mean cower in fear haha). We started talking to us, and told us he was
too busy. I started getting a flyer ready for him when I heard him say
his Fiance just died. I wasn't paying much attention, and suddenly it


So I told the man, "We'll walk with you." He was on his way to go to
her funeral for the next day. He said he was horribly depressed, left
work to be alone, and didn't want to deal with the world. I struggled
to find the voice of the Spirit to tell me what to say to the man.
After about 10 seconds of listening, I began to testify of the true
nature of God being our Father; about how He loves us. This man then
said, "God doesn't exist. Even if He did, He either can't stop evil or
doesn't care enough to." I just testified to him. And as I did, I felt
the Holy Ghost moving up my spine and out my mouth. "God is YOUR
father. He loves YOU. He wants to help YOU. I promise you, Sir. I know

The man just rejected my words, saying, "I don't believe that." He
then said, "look. I've got to go. I don't want to be rude, but I have
to catch a train."

I said to him, "That's ok. Take this pamphlet (plan of salvation) and
give it a read. Here is a flyer with our number. When you read this,
it will be something you want. Please call us any time." The man took
it and said, "Maybe I'll read this on the train." As he walked away, I
called out and said, "Sir. We are praying men. May we know your name
so we can pray for you?" He said, "All my family prayed for me. It's
done nothing."

I insisted. I said, "Please sir. Your name?"
"Richard." And then he left.

It all took place in maybe 2 minutes. But it has been one of the most
powerful moments of my mission, about as powerful as when I met Takumi
in Niigata (for those that remember). Please. Please pray for Richard.
I know he'll call us back, but through the prayers of the righteous,
he can be sustained. Please pray that even if HE doesn't believe in
God, through OUR faith he can feel Heavenly Father's love.

Thank you all for you wonderful example. I pray I can have faith like
many of my friends at home some day.

--Elder Chun

P.S. My companion didn't punch me. He's the best. :D It was raining
really hard one day and my umbrella broke, snapped up, hit me in my
face, and bent my glasses. :P Oh well!

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