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Week 33 - March 2, 2014

Hello again, everyone! Here we are at the end of another transfer!
 And as you all guessed, I'm transferring again!
 Just kidding.
 I'm staying in my area, but my companion is going out to my first
 area! Interesting, eh? well, you might not think so, but I certainly
 do. :D
 So! I wanted to tell everyone a quick miracle. Yesterday was fast
 sunday, and fast sundays are tough as a missionary. We work hard all
 day long without eating, and our mental capacity grinds to a complete
 Anyway, as we were doing our best to still be effective, we suddenly
 got a call from a former investigator named Johno (pronounced Joe-no).
 The only reason he was a former investigator was because he broke his
 phone, and had no way to contact the missionaries. As soon as he gets
 a new phone, however, who does he choose to call?
 The missionioaries. :D
 So we're meeting with him tonight. He is going to be baptized. I FEEL
 Anyway, funny story time: So we were talking to some YSA's yesterday,
 who were telling us all about a new movie (I think it's called
 Frozen?) that is a way big hit. It was strange, because the Youtube
 phenomenon Lizzy Walker (or something like that) came to our church
 and sang for us.
 She was good. :D
 Anyway, as the YSA's were going off about how amazing that movie was
 and how viral that Youtube video was, I had a sudden realization.
 "I am not going to even know what that is for another year and a half."
 It was a strange moment of realization. :D
 SO yeah. Life as a missionary keeps going! And it's terrifyingly fast.
 I blink, and the days go by.
 Anyways, you're all great! Have a good week!
 --Elder Chun

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