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Week 30 - February 9, 2014

Hello! Here we are again, and this time from my iPad! Oh yeah. The
Lord is really hastening His work!

For example, the miracles we see here are amazing. We were going out
to eat one day and I saw two foreigners walk in. Normally, not that
exciting. But as an english speaking ward missionary, I was way pumped
up. Especially when they started speaking to each other in German.

o.O Yeah. I knew something was up.

So I head over there after we finish eating and strike up a
conversation in German. Well, I say German, but I would really rather
call it something different. In the Book of Mormon it talks about how
the people of king Limhi found the remains of the people of Jared?
Yeah. That's what my German is like now.

I start talking. Then we talk about the gospel a bit. It turns out he
is christian, and that he is interested! So guess who reaches into his
bag and pulls out a copy of the German Book of Mormon? Me.

Boom. Miracles. Any of you doubt that the Lord is doing His work?
Read D&C 6:36 (“Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.”) Yeah. LOVE IT.

Anyway, love you all! Thank you for those of you who sent me special
letters! I appreciate all of you. Till next week!

--Elder Chun

Sent from my iPad

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