Elder Samuel Mischa Chun
Japan Tokyo Mission
4-25-12 Nishi-ochiai,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

If you mail a package, you also need to list a phone number:
81 3-3952-6802

For those using
You need no unit code or other information besides his mission: Japan-Tokyo (be sure not to click Japan-Tokyo south!)
You can continue to use this service if you load money to the account. Each time you send a letter through them, they charge you $1.10, which is the amount of an international stamp.


When you write a letter to me, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, since it is much easier for me to respond by email!

Thanks so much!

Week 63, September 29, 2014

I thought of something Opa could send me! Do you think he could send
me a cool new pair of glasses since all of mine are broken?

Also, can you google search "Philosophy + Metaphysic ethic" and see
what comes up? I'm trying to remember something from college. I think
it might be metaphysic (what is real), ethic (what is right) and
epistemology (I don't remember).

Sorry for just requests. I truly do love you.


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