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Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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Week 62 - September 22, 2014

So. Time is short. This is the biggest miracle from last week.

We met this amazing guy named Olumide (We call him Mide, pronounced
Mindy). He's a refugee from Nigeria who was hunted by terrorists
because he witnessed an attack on the local police station and
reported where the terrorists ran. Because of spies inside of the
military forces, he became blacklisted. The terrorist group attacked
his home, killing his sister and making him run from country to
country. Eventually, he got to a Catholic Church that raised enough
money for him to fly to Japan and be safe. Once here, he was told to
go to Roppongi (which is rumored for it's awful environment), but he
knew within his heart that was wrong, so he slept in a park instead. A
kind man took him in for 3 weeks, but told him there were no churches
in Japan. So Mide walked around until he found a church. You have 3
guesses which church it was. And you fail if you don't get it right on
the 1st try.

He's on page 3 of the Book of Mormon, has been to church twice, his
every question is "What else need I to prepare for baptism" and he's
the most punctual African man I've ever met.

Love you all!

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