Elder Samuel Mischa Chun
Japan Tokyo Mission
4-25-12 Nishi-ochiai,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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Week 11 - September 29, 2013

Editor's note:
So, since I'm not that emoticon savvy, I got some training. For all of you who would like some further education in this department as well, let me share my wisdom:
o.0  is a person who looks at you with this bewildered look on his/her face, while squinting one eye half shut, pulling the eye muscles into a semi-painful look and the other eye opened as wide as possible for bewilderment factor. If you try to follow this description in front of a mirror, you'll CLEARLY see, why o.0 is such an apparent emoticon!!! So onto Elder Chun's letter for the week, which includes said emoticon!

Oh I almost forgot - he also attached one photo of a Japanese house. His comment was: Japanese house! Way cool! Sky here? INCREDIBLE! (Enjoy the attachment and continue on to his letter)

OK! So first full week in Japan. Lots of experiences.

First and foremost, funny story: because my trainers are two district leaders, my friend from the MTC and I are occasionally on our own.


It's a little sketchy, and I sometimes feel like I have NO clue what I am supposed to do. But it's a good learning experience.

Speaking of experineces, I got a revelation yesterday (Today for you) while at church. As I sat in sacrament meeting, trying to understand the people, I began falling asleep. So I did what my family used to do in Sacrament Meeting: write on my hand sentences and pretend like I was trying to guess what the word was (not with actual ink. Just rubbing). As I was doing this, I remembered my family. I was overcome with love for them, and I was immensely grateful to Heavenly Father for them. Then I realized that if I loved my family this much, being imperfect, how much more does Heavenly Father love ME? Not just me, but everyone?

Then the major revelation.

The people of Japan and this world are my family. I love them all as much as I love my parents and siblings. I want to share the gospel with them.

It was something I've always known intellectually. But yesterday, it hit me emotionally and spiritually. I look forward to havhing my love increase more and more.

Elder Chun

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