Elder Samuel Mischa Chun
Japan Tokyo Mission
4-25-12 Nishi-ochiai,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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Week 8 - September 7, 2013

Hello, everyone! Biggest news: I got my travel plans this week. I leave Monday Morning at 4:30 AM (That's early, even for a missionary). I am loving every moment of it here, but I am ready to get out hahaha

So this week, my companion got really sick. So instead of doing role-plays and companion study, I had a LOT of time to do solo study. Instead of the typical 2-3 hours a day, I think I did about 5 for three days in a row. I decided to study gifts of the spirit. After the first 2 hours, when I was forced to stop for class, I was upset because I had barely finished categorizing the scriptures mentioned in the Topical Guide under gifts of the spirit (not including D&C 46 or Moroni 10 or Christ-like attributes and sanctification blah blah etc.). So this week, I was greatly blessed to begin (and I mean BARELY begin) to understand the wonderful blessings Heavenly Father blesses us with. I have been working hard to become more diligent, and I can honestly say it is worth it. 

This week hasn't had many more eventful events (hahaha) except for the fact that I am sad I don't have more people to reply to in letters. If anyone wants to write me, feel free. In fact, if anyone knows the people that were on my Folk dance team, you should kick them all in the but for not having written me in 8 weeks. I've been gone for 2 months and have yet to receive letters from a lot of people that promised to write me! T~T that is me weeping. Not because I need letters, but because you all lied to me. Like Jim Carrey in Liar Liar. Booh-hooh. T~T (again, just for emphasis) haha

In all seriousness though, I love all of you. It's crazy how much love can grow in a short time at the MTC. The longer I have been here, the more I have begun to understand that EVERYTHING is love. Everything. So if you ever do something not out of love, it's like it was nothing (Moroni 7:44). Love is the most important thing anyone can have. Forget gifts; forget talents; forget skills. Without love, what is the point? There is none. And one thing I learned (for all those angry at other people for not loving or caring about them) is that "we love God because He FIRST loved us" (1 John 4:19, emphasis added).

I love each of you because you all loved me first; as a baby, as a child, as a sibling, as a friend, as a student, as a missionary, as me. And so I love each of you whole-heartedly.

Thank you all very much.

--Elder Chun

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