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Week 59 - August 31, 2014

Hello everyone! This week was a great week.

So! This week, I had a very peculiar experience. I was feeling that no matter where I go, I wasn't doing a good job sharing of the Atonement; letting others feel the love of God. I'm not sure why, but on Saturday, I broke. Completely and utterly broke. My mind was shot; my heart was down; my spirit wanted to lay down and give up. And this was at 12 o'clock. I struggled through the rest of the day to not give up. There were a few moments while teaching that I felt a bit better, but for the most part I was down for the count. That night, I was up for several hours because I almost threw up. Then, Sunday rolled around and I was completely empty.

A thought came to me. "Get a blessing." I thought, I can't. I need to be strong. I need to keep going. But I just... can't. My mission President's words came to my mind. "The hallmark of humility is that we cast our burdens on The Lord." I thought to myself, "I got a blessing 2 weeks ago! And in THAT time, all The Lord told me was to keep going. Do I need another?"

Then came the gentle thought, "Draw near unto me, and I will draw near unto you." With those words, I got a blessing. And then The Lord said something that filled me with such wonder. He told me that He loved me; that He was grateful for the fact that I serve with ALL my heart, mind, and strength. He promised me, again, that my family would be safe (I wasn't even worried), and that He was protecting them so that I could completely focus on the work for the time I am a missionary. And then He said I had touched the lives of many, and would continue to do so. I was grateful for His comforting words.

And then, that day, an investigator from Maebashi area (2-3 hour car drive away) came to see me, tell me his girlfriend left him, and asked me to pray for him. I met this man once. And for some reason, The Lord helped me touch the heart of this man. It meant so much to me that God has guided me through a change and has let me be His instrument. He is the greatest!

Love you all! Everyone should at least send me a picture of you so I can see how much you've changed!

Peace. V(^0^)V

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