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Week 23 - December 22, 2013

Hello! Another week, another percent of my mission done! It's kind of scary, actually... I'm already almost halfway through transfer 3. For those of you praying and fasting for me, I invoke the blessings of heaven upon you all. These last few days and weeks I have felt the support of angels all around me, especially through stress and sadness. For example, this week we had a lesson with a man named Kentarou. Due to miscommunications, different expectations, and my failure to recognize his feelings, he was really hurt and offended by us. He left the lesson, telling us he had no intention of ever learning about Jesus Christ and that he thought the only way we would be his friend is if he learned about the gospel. This broke my heart, because that meant I had failed to do as Jesus would do: Love him unconditionally. Or at least, he didn't understand the connection between me wanting to share the gospel and him being my friend.
However, during the said lesson, as I was sorrowed and searching for a way to help him understand with the limited Japanese I had, I testified of Jesus Christ and felt the Holy Ghost powerfully teach with me. Whether or not it made a difference in Kentarou's life, I don't know yet. But, I do know this: Through my faith, my companion's faith, and the faith of my friends and family praying for me all around the world, I taught with the Holy Ghost and when I came before the Lord at the end of the day, I had no regrets. Sorrows? Yes. But no regrets.
It is interesting to me that we are to stand ready for the Lord to help us; that we should expect miracles, but not require them; that we should do all things cheerfully that lie within our power, then stand still, with the utmost assurance that God will provide.
Those are all scriptural references, by the way. Look them up! They're great. :D
Anyway, as interesting as faith and patience are in combination with each other, there will ALWAYS be miracles. For example, this week we had a baptism in Urayasu. For some reason, the lady being baptized picked me to do the ordinance. I was shocked and surprised, since I had met her once before. I felt grateful to HEavenly Father, because as a white washing companionship, we don't really have investigators very close to baptism yet, but the Lord still gave me the opportunity to be closely involved with the conversion of His wonderful daughter name Shouji Etsuko.
He is really wonderful.
Anyway, I pray you all have a wonderul Christmas! Thanks to all the ward that wrote me during the Christmas party! There's so much I wish to say to everyone, but just a few little shout-outs I have to do.
Brother Bishop? There's no snow here in Japan, but I still remember our camp-outs. Thanks for all you did for us!
Brother Stowell? You're right about the Japanese people. I love them very much.
Brother Sampson? Thank you for all you did to get that sent to me. I'm very happy the ward remembers me!
Thank you all!
Signing off for the penultimate week in 2013.

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