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Week 21 - December 10, 2013

Hello everyone! Sorry this week is late. But! It is worth is.
1: Thank you for all your prayers! My friend Umemura Takuto got baptized this weekend and I was privileged enough to perform the baptism! The Holy Ghost was incredibly powerful and I am humbled to be an instrument in the Lord's hands. 
2: This week, I have come to learn even more that I can turn to Heavenly Father in ANY need. Two quick experiences. 1st off, I got transfer calls this week. Turns out I am transferring to a new area, and I will be white washing (both companions are new). It's scary, true, but I found that as I prayed and put my faith first, doubting my doubts as well, I always have a feeling of confidence and I know I am watched over by Him. 2nd, we were helping a sister missionary take apart her bike for transfers, and the bike was being stupid. It wouldn't cooperate and be taken apart, and time was running low. I realized that if we didn't have time to do this and pack, I wouldn't be able to email today. So, I offered up a prayer. I said,
"Heavenly Father. In order to make it to the rest of this day and to do the things I want to do, I need to be able to take apart this bike. Please give me the strength to take this bolt off of the wheel." I closed my prayer as appropriate, and sure enough, I got it off.
Small? I guess this might be easy to overlook. But to me, this is a huge miracle. It told me that not only will God give me the miracles that come from serving others, but that He loves ME and listens to ALL of my prayers, no matter how seemingly insignificant they are.

God loves each of us as individuals. He knows us all. I testify of this.

Thank you for your wonderful examples to me.

Elder Chun

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