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Week 17 - November 10, 2013

Hey, everybody!

This week has been so much fun! I've had the opportunity of working closely with the Zone Leaders once again. This time, because it's not a 4 man, I'm doing a lot more of the planning, study, and travel that Zone Leaders do. This makes personal study time a bit scarce, but oh well. 神様の御心 (God's will). 



I can't list them. They are way too many.

Ok. Here we go.

We were at a train station, and we started talking to this guy. Turns out, he is going to a Christian college. He has a copy of the doctrine of Christ in his backpack.


Yeah. We're going to hunt him down, baptize him, and rejoice.

There are many more examples. Japan is a land of Miracles.

I have a request, though. We are currently working together as a mission to achieve "white Christmas", which is receiving 1 baptism/area by Christmas. Could you all pray together for this? I trust the Lord will answer your prayers, because He answers mine.

This leads me to the main message I want to talk about this week: Prayer.
Prayer is a communication with God. We speak with Him, and He speaks with us. I love prayer. Prayer is one of my favorite things about revelation and this church. The concept that we can sit and talk with God makes me so happy. 

Recently, I have changed how I pray. 1st, I never ever say anything in a prayer I don't actually mean. This means that I have to sit and contemplate what I am saying. It makes prayer longer, but much more sincere. Next, after prayer, I sit for 10 seconds in silence and listen to the whisperings of the spirit. This shows the Lord we value any response He gives us.

And so He responds.

Finally, when I close my prayer in the Sacred Name of Jesus Christ, I remember. I remember what Jesus has done for ME. Not anyone else. For me specifically. I remember that He is MY savior. And I give Him a spiritual hug. 

I only say this because I remember that when I was at home, I thought my prayers were good. Here, I have learned they were rituals, not conversations. I would like to invite everyone to speak with God in the Sacred Name of Jesus Christ this week; Never say what you don't mean, and mean everything you say; remember.

I promise, you won't regret it.

Elder Chun

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