Elder Samuel Mischa Chun
Japan Tokyo Mission
4-25-12 Nishi-ochiai,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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Week 13 - October 13, 2013

Hello, everybody! How was conference? Is everyone happy? Does everyone have their Articles of Faith memorized? Is everyone doing missionary work? :D
Anyway, I had a miracle happen the other day. I was doing the flyer proselyting when this guy walked past. He looked rushed; sad; hurt; broken; off; something. I dunno how to exactly describe it. But immediately, I felt an overpowering and overwhelming love for him. I stopped him, and in broken Japanese asked him if he was ok. He said, "No, not really." I asked if there was anything I could help him with. "I'm going to work right now. I'm a bit busy." I said, "Give me your number. I will call and check on you tonight."
Yeah. Not the most smooth approach to someone. But hey, I haven't tried asking ANYONE for their number since probably January at BYU or so, and it didn't go much better.
But he gave me his number. I was honestly surprised. But I called that night, but he was at work. I called the next day, but he had work. I emailed him, "Hey, I just wanted to tell you about how prayer lets us get help from God."
It was at this point, with that much interaction and conversation between us, that he sends me an email saying, "Yestarday, I'm in sevent heaven. coz I'm abandon all hope, I was saved thanks to you. I wanna learn mormon. My dream is to travel the world. Is it possible for mormon to make my dream come true?" (word for word in english.
:D Not only that is possible, but so much more, my friend.
His name is Takumi. And he is just one of many people being prepared by Heavenly Father to receive the gospel. So let's all do missionary work together, eh? :D
Chun 長老

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