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Week 6 - August 24, 2013

Ok. Very first and foremost, I must clarify something. So Christopher told me that at the MTC, your humor degenerates faster than acid on a rustic metal container. I did not believe him. But apparently, it's true because my attempted humor (that I found absolutely hilarious) didn't really come across well. The prison reference was meant to be a humorous analogy, saying that the world thinks we're in prison when I'm actually in paradise. BAHAHA funny me. 

SO! Now that that is clarified, I thank all of you that apologized to me and said they were praying for me because I was having a bad experience. I feel bad, because I'm really not. Maybe you should pray for my sense of humor. It's dying. 

Two super awesome quotes this week. One of them was from a substitute teacher, Osaka Sensei. He said, "Don't be shy; don't be proud." Think about that long and hard, and you'll find yourself enlightened. Second quote is a paraphrase my teacher made on a quote by Elder Holland that is in PMG. "You are carrying to the world the message of life. Thus, if YOU don't go out and do your VERY BEST to preach the gospel, someone will spiritually die. So do your best."

When I hear this quote, I know it applies to every member of the church. Young women carry a message of life; they are to be sealed in the temple, have a family, and teach them the doctrines of the gospel. Young men are to be worthy vessels to carry with them the Holy Ghost on a mission as a priesthood holder. Parents are to teach their children and reach out to everyone in love. If you still doubt my words, read Mosiah 18:8-10 (It's a promise you made).

Anyway! Yup. Not much news this week. Also, probably no pictures. I kinda lost my camera... But I found it this morning, so we're all good.

Tap tap.

Elder Sami

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