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Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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Week 2 - July 27, 2013

Hello, everybody who loves me (and some who don't)! I am now doing laundry and waiting for some people to come and get their loads, so I might have clean clothes along with my clean spirit. 
I apologize for last week's email. apparently, I was using the wrong Japanese alphabet setting, so it came out entirely different than I had originally supposed.
So! The happenings this week. I don't have any one story as crazy powerful as the last week's, but I have had miracles pour down on me in every way. For those of you who know me, I am a talented individual. In fact, many people have often commented with great frequency that my talents and speed of learning things really bothers them. Well, there is a downside to that gift: a lack of patience and diligence.

I am not very patient with myself. If something takes me longer than 30 minutes to learn, it's too long for me and I want to give up. So obviously, learning a new language is more than a little tough for me. Especially when I spend an hour using the Technology Assisted Language Learning program (T.A.L.L.) and then get to class and realize everything I learned I learned the wrong way. More than just being frustrated with myself, I have never really studied for long periods of time in my life. I have practically 0 attention span and 0 motivation to study things. Thus, a missionary schedule could be a conflict, since we have about 6 hours of study and 6 hours of class per day, with only about 45 minutes of exercise time. 
Frankly? Without Heavenly Father's help, I'd be in big doo-doo. 
But I find myself being able to concentrate throughout most of the day. More than that, at about 1 hour before we go home, my mind begins to frizzle out and Heavenly Father gives me an opportunity to develop diligence. I am so grateful that I have this chance to learn these things at the MTC before I go into the field.
However, this week, I was sitting in class and I was really frustrated with myself. My mind wasn't catching Nihongo as fast as I wanted it to. I was so caught up in myself that as our class read Alma 17: 2-3, I was actually upset at the success the scriptures told the Sons of Mosiah had. 
That is a sign of a stressful day.
So I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help me become more humble and diligent. A few verses later (we were reading the whole chapter), we read the word's of God saying that He would be with the sons of Mosiah, would strengthen them, give them patience, and love them (some reading between the lines involved in my interpretation). I immediately felt the peace I needed to study for 2 more hours and plan at the end of the day.
Heavenly Father is so great. :D
Anyway, that's my report for the week. Thank you so very much to all of you wondrous people who have kept your promise in writing me! (That's my family, Sister Millet, and Spencer Lehr). I look forward to hearing from more of you throughout my mission, since I don't believe any of you to be liars. :D

Elder Chun

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